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How to sell online without looking like a desperate person
Exactly what steps you need to take in order to plot your way to 6-figures
How to build a super simple sales funnel that delivers you new leads on repeat
Mastering your sales process so those leads convert into paying clients you absolutely love to work with
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Hey, I'm Tanya Whittam and In the past 8 years I have built a host of businesses including being a leader in a prominent Network Marketing company, built the largest bootcamp in The UK, Owned a Personal Training studio and I'm now the Founder and CEO of The Impact Driven Influencer and Tanya Whittam International.

I specialise in helping experts build, launch and scale their own recurring revenue business based around their passion and expertise and have trained thousands of people, helping them build six and multiple six figure on and offline businesses.
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  • Brand New Challenge Mon, Wed & Fri For 4 Weeks All of this stuff is based on things myself and my team have learned over the years to help you make more money and create bigger impact. Each challenge is to the point, simple to implement and is proven to work! Just follow the steps!
  • Dedicated Community By joining the Challenge, you'll gain immediate access to a community of other action takers like you who are looking to grow a wildly profitable business
  • Coaching & Support Along with myself,  My team will also be there to help guide and support you to maximise your results in this 4 Week bootcamp. We are results oriented and heaps of fun is the purpose. Treat it like that. Unleash your spark of madness and get involved, Ask questions, roll up your sleeves and let's get shit done together.
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